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Rules & Standards

Januar 29, 2012

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SSW Rules to Better …

Rules & Standards

Secret ingredients to quality software.

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I’ve been putting together Development Guidelines for my employer and in the process have reviewed many published standards (in the .Net arena) from around the world. In each category, the suggestions at SSW are always among the best.
See what people think about this product

– Leon Bambrick,

Rules to better

Do you believe in Standards?

Whenever you’re doing something more than once there should be a standard. SSW standards manage our coding, project management, email and phone communication. However, we don’t follow them blindly. If someone suggests a better way of doing something, then we change the standard.

Do you agree with them all? Are we missing some? Let us know what you think.

Why do we have all these rules? Read about the History of SSW Rules , published in CoDe Magazine.

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If you find these suggestions interesting, you might also like to read SSW’s Ideas for Better Software.

Scott Guthrie

This is a great guide to follow when doing software (and specifically .NET) development. Very useful stuff!

Scott Guthrie
General Manager, Microsoft Developer Division

If you havent had the pleasure of seeing Adam present, have a listen to the recent .NET Rocks! in which Adam talks to Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell and shares with them his rules.

Frank Arrigo – Microsoft

It’s a great DNR episode and it gives some great insight into why Adam is able to run such a tight development ship.

Chris Auld

Carl Franklin says:

Here are more comments

Listen/Download Adam’s podcast:

Microsoft Website (mirror)


  1. Rules to Successful Projects* Popular *
  2. Rules to Better Work Items (AKA Project Management)
  3. Rules to Happy Clients
  4. Rules to Managing Software Consultants
  5. Rules to Better Software Consultants – Dealing with Clients
  6. Rules to Better Software Consultants – Working in a Team
  7. Rules to Managing Your Dead Time
  8. Using SSW eXtreme Emails! to Manage Projects
  9. Rules to Successful Sales and Account Management
  10. Rules to Better Accounting
  11. Rules to Better Timesheets
  12. Rules to Better Branching & Builds (AKA Release Management)
  13. Rules to Better Outsourcing
  14. Rules to Better PA (aka Personal Assistant)

  15. Rules to Better Interfaces – General
  16. Rules to Better Interfaces – Windows Application
  17. Rules to Better Interfaces – Popups and Messages
  18. Rules to Better Interfaces – Controls
  19. Rules to Better Interfaces – Forms
  20. Rules to Better Interfaces – Wizards
  21. Rules to Better Interfaces – Reports, Charts and Dates
  22. Rules to Better Interfaces – Mobile UI
  23. Rules to Better Websites – Navigation
  24. Rules to Better Websites – Content, Layout & Formatting
  25. Rules to Better Websites – Graphics
  26. Rules to Better Websites – Development
  27. Rules to Better Websites – Tuning and Maintenance
  28. Rules to Better Websites – Branding and Marketing
  29. Rules to Better Websites – Online Transactions
    .NET/SQL/TFS Code & Application Design
  30. Rules to Better Code
  31. Rules to Better SQL Server Databases
  32. Rules to Better .NET Projects
  33. Rules to Better Connection Strings
  34. Rules to Better Large .NET projects
  35. Rules to Better Windows Forms
  36. Rules to Better Windows Forms – ClickOnce
  37. Rules to Better Unit Tests
  38. Rules to Better Version Control with TFS (AKASourceControl)
  39. Rules to Better TFS 2010 Migration
  40. Rules to Better Setups
  41. Rules to Better Blogs
  42. Rules to Better DotNetNuke
  43. Rules to Better Project Management with TFS (Creating and Managing Release Plans)
  44. Rules to Better LINQ
  45. Rules to Better VB6 Migration to .NET
  46. Rules to Better Designers
  47. Rules to Better Developers
  48. Rules to Better Regular Expressions
  49. Rules to Better Error Handling
  50. Rules to Better SharePoint
  51. Rules to Better Exchange Server
  52. Rules to Better WPF & Silverlight
  53. Rules to Better Command Lines
    Access Code & Application Design
  54. Rules to Better Access Applications (front-ends inc. queries)
  55. Rules to Better Access UI
  56. Rules to Better Access Databases (back-ends)
  57. Rules to Upsizing your Access Database to SQL Server
    Operating Systems
  58. Rules to Better Windows 7 Deployment
  59. Rules to Better Windows Vista Deployment
  60. Rules to Better Windows Vista Compatibilities
  61. Rules to Better Email * Popular *
  62. Rules to Better Instant Messenger
    Reporting Solutions
  63. Rules to Better Business Intelligence
  64. Rules to Better MS SQL Reporting Services
  65. Rules to Better Reporting Solutions
  66. Rules to Better Google Rankings * Popular *
  67. Rules to Better Outbound Calls
  68. Rules to Better Inbound Calls
  69. Rules to Better Marketing
  70. Rules to Better Branding
  71. Rules to Better Windows 2003
  72. Rules to Better ISA Server
  73. Rules to Better Networks
  74. Rules to Better Virtual PCs
    Microsoft CRM
  75. Rules to Better Microsoft CRM
  76. Rules to Better Microsoft CRM 3 to 4 Migration
  77. How to create and use mail merge templates in Microsoft CRM?
  78. Rules to Better Microsoft CRM data synchronization
  79. CRM 4 – How To Send A CRM Newsletter
  80. Rules to Better Firefox
    The Best Third Party Tools
  81. Introduction
  82. The Best Tools for .NET (General)
  83. The Best Tools for Web Forms Development
  84. The Best Tools for Web Forms Development (ASP.NET Controls)
  85. The Best Tools for Windows Forms Development
  86. The Best Tools for Windows Forms Development (Controls)
  87. The Best Tools for SQL Server
  88. The Best Tools for Access
  89. The Best Tools for Outlook
  90. The Best Tools for Internet Explorer
  91. The Best Tools for Windows
  92. The Best Tools for Network
  93. The Best Tools for Exchange Server
  94. The Best Tools for Pocket PC
  95. The Best Image Libraries
  96. The Best Tools for Laptop
  97. The Best Websites
  98. The Best Tools for Visual Studio
  99. The Best Tools for Team Foundation Server Power Tools
  100. The Best Tools for Windows Mobile
    Naming Conventions
  101. SQL Server Object Naming Conventions
  102. SQL Server Index Naming Conventions
  103. SQL Server Relationship Naming Conventions
  104. SQL Server Stored Procedure Naming Conventions
  105. SQL Server Stored Procedure Formatting Standards
  106. .NET Object Naming Conventions
  107. .NET Project Naming
  108. Rules to Better Technical Documentation
  109. Rules to Better Proposals
  110. Rules to Better Powerpoint Presentations
  111. Rules to Better Cars


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