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Februar 17, 2012
Most Popular SQL Server Articles in 2011

0 commentsThursday, December 29, 2011 Posted by Suprotim Agarwal
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With 2012 fast approaching and 2011 drawing to an end, we’ve put together our list of the Most Popular SQL Server articles on SQLServerCurry.com this year.

I would like to thank each one of you who has visited my blog or contributed to it by submitting a Guest post, Subscribing to RSS Feed, by joining me on Twitter, retweeting posts or promoting the articles and giving regular feedbacks via rating, comments or Emails. A special note of thanks to Madhivannan and Pravin Kumar for their contributions.

Here are some articles that were liked the most by readers like you. Have a very Happy New Year 2012!

SQL Server Administration Articles

Why is RAID So Important for Databases?

SQL Server: Removing Deprecated Code and Future Proofing your Queries

Every .NET Developer Should Know About the Database they are working with

SQL Server: Move Data to a Different Table using OUTPUT clause

LocalDB Denali: New version of SQL Express

SQL Server: Top 10 Cached Queries

Troubleshoot Deadlocks using SQL Server Profiler 2005/2008

Monitor Running Processes in SQL Server 2005/2008

SQL Server: Move Table to a new File Group

SQL Server: Identify Memory and Performance Issues in T-SQL Queries and Fix them

Repair SQL Server Database marked as Suspect or Corrupted

Fastest Way to Update Rows in a Large Table in SQL Server

SQL Server: Export Table to CSV

Load Comma Delimited file (csv) in SQL Server

Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

T-SQL Articles

SQL Server Bit Data Type and how it Stores Values

SQL Server: DateTime vs DateTime2

SQL Server Tutorials on Date Time

SQL Server: Calculate Summary and Column Summary

Concatenate Strings in SQL Server – Different ways

SQL Server CLR User Defined Function using Visual Studio 2010

SQL Queries – beyond TRUE and FALSE

SQL CLR Stored Procedure using Visual Studio 2010

SQL Server: Search Similar String in a Table

SQL Server: Count based on Condition

SQL Server: Insert Date and Time in Separate Columns

SQL Server: Combine Multiple Rows Into One Column with CSV output

SQL Server: First and Last Sunday of Each Month

SQL Server: Group By Year, Month and Day

SQL Server: Return Multiple Values from a Function

UNPIVOT example in SQL Server

Date Difference in SQL Server in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds

MINUS Keyword in SQL Server – Alternatives

Rollback Nested Transactions in Stored Procedure – SQL Server

Rollback Transaction in SQL Server

Select TOP With TIES in SQL Server


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